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Ambarlı - Bandırma Price Tariff and Time Table

Time Table

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We organize expeditions on routes to Ambarlı-Bandırma with our twin Ro-Ro ships called İstanbul N and Bostan N that put into service.

We offer you an opportunity to experience many advantages together on your travels between Ambarlı-Bandırma by İstanbullines. Some of these are: 

The journey passing through Istanbul and traveling around Izmit Bay by land takes about 8 hours but if you prefer İSTANBULLINES RoRo ships you will save half of the time and your journey will be shortened about 4 hours.

Our newly built RoRo ships having international quality standard offer a safe and comfortable journey.

It raises environmental awareness and provides efficiency, cost advantage, saving of time in logistics activities concentrated in the Marmara basin.

It is obvious that RoRo transition is much more affordable when calculating all costs of 8 hours journey by road with an average speed of 80 km (transition fee, catering costs, depreciation, fuel costs, tire wear.)

Offering catering menus to each vehicle with İstanbullines hospitality, also free meal and tea and coffee service for each driver will make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

Available substructure to satisfy your needs of resting, eating and drinking, hygiene, worship etc. during the journey.

Instead of 8 hours journey by road, having a rest for 4 hours provides road and driving safety and allows to feel his/her body more relaxed that positively affects general health.

A clean, spacious, comfortable, safe and enjoyable journey is offered in all areas within a ship.

Both drivers and vehicles find the opportunity to have a good rest. Vehicles' depreciation and maintenance costs are reduced.

It helps to improve heavy traffic flows in the region and decreases expenses of repairs caused mainly by heavy flowing traffic and contributes to the national economy.

It provides efficient, cost-saving, time-saving and eco-friendly access for transportation and logistics companies using motorways in Istanbul and / or the İzmit Bay.

It reduces fuel consumption that is the most important expense item in transport and logistics fields also contributes to the national economy, operational expenses and provides environmental benefits.

It decreases the accident rate on roads and also eliminates environmental and noise pollution.

It causes less wear and tear on highways and prolonges the service life of highways.

Price Tariffs

sefer tarifesi

You may prefer İSTANBULLİNES lines for time/fuel-saving during the transition in the Sea of Marmara. We will be happy to welcome you and your vehicles to provide fast, comfortable transportation with most competitive price. Car ferry expeditions in Eskihisar-Yalova transitions; you may prefer our RO-RO ships for the transitions with your vehicles between Ambarlı and Bandırma ports. 

Travel Time

Total travel time for the line of Ambarlı-Bandırma is approximately 4 hours and it may vary depending on external conditions such as sea, load and the Marmara sea traffic.

Please remember 

Time period may vary depending on the following reasons (seaway, weather conditions, and ships traffic in the Gulf, occupancy and extraordinary circumstances.)