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Price tariffs and Timetables

You can find Timetables and Price Tariffs for passenger cars by visiting our website. Please click here to access the info.

Can we cross with our passenger cars / vehicles? 

Only commercial vehicles which comply with the category of Van, Lorry and Truck are transported by our RORO line service.

Do you carry passengers? Can we cross with (my family, etc.) a few passengers?

Foot passengers and passenger cars are not carried by our RORO line service. 

Do you demand fee from the passengers within the vehicle?

No, any fee are not demanded from the passengers within the vehicle. 

Can we park our passenger cars onto a ship anyplace we like it?

To ensure that your vehicles loaded safely and properly onto a ship; you can only leave them where the attendant staff finds it appropriate. Safety of all passengers and vehicles during the travel is very important.

Can we stay in our passenger cars during crossing?

Staying in passenger cars during crossings by RoRo ships is prohibited in accordance with the relevant legal regulations regarding to inland seas. You can have a rest in our lounges that arranged for this purpose.

Is there a prayer room on your ships? 


Is there a bathroom / shower facilities on your ships? 

Yes, hot water and bathroom facilities on our ships are available.

Do you have TV, internet on your ships?

You can watch Digiturk and Dsmart on our ships. Installing internet facilities is underway and will be available very soon.

Is there a canteen or buffet on your ships?

All food and drinks are free and offered on our ships during the journey.

Can I make a payment by credit card or mail order via internet? 

An internet payment system is not available yet for this line. Fares for vehicles can be paid by credit card / cash at tollgates in Ambarlı and Bandırma before crossing.

Can I pay by wire transfer from the internet?

“We do not have an online transfer system via internet. You can make your payment for crossing by reaching booking points or corporate headquarters, please provide account details of the company for the relevant ship which you made booking. Payment receipts of fares should be submitted at the relevant tollgates (Ambarlı and Bandırma) or the company's head office by email before crossing.”

Can I make a payment through bank at the weekend?

No payments can be received during weekends.

Do you have any special offers/campaign?

Special offers/campaigns are announced to customers by SMS and email via our website.