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Mission - Vision


In addition to Ro-Ro transportation with a "combined transportation model" in the Sea of Marmara since 2006, with the brand of İSTANBULLINES within the body of NEGMAR Group, our company is dedicated to providing its customers a high quality of service of transportation of passenger cars and foot passengers on the routes which have been operated also with the brand of İSTANBULLINES since 2012.

Our company performs its activities with the awareness of being a leading company in the maritime transport sector which promotes an alternative maritime transport to the land route and thereby lessened the traffic load around the Sea of ​​Marmara region which is one of our country's major tourism and trade routes.

Our company's profile for a steady growth in the sector; in addition to improving the quality / competition balances for the national economy, it aims to provide contributions to the development of employment and service mentality, sustainable clean environment and time and fuel savings


Being the leader of providing innovative solutions in the sector with the approach oriented towards passenger satisfaction, offering fast, comfortable and affordable service to individual/corporate customers in all areas of the maritime transport and thereby always carrying on its activities as the most preferred reliable trademark.