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About Us

Since 2006, İSTANBULLINES has been continuing to serve within NEGMAR Group mainly in the field of truck and lorry (Ro-Ro) transportation with a "combined transportation model" in the Sea of Marmara and it expanded its service area in 2013 by including transportation of passenger cars and foot passengers by ferries between Eskihisar-Yalova ports.

Our attempt with the trademark of İSTANBULLİNES made all the difference in vehicle and passenger transportation in Marmara region and raised standards in maritime transport. Thereby, we lessened the workload of this line that is one of our country's major tourism and trade routes for the purpose of providing more contribution to maritime transport.

As a team we know that the formation of a competitive sector will improve the quality of service and provide an added value, therefore we are proud of being distinguished by the high quality of fast, comfortable, dynamic and friendly service we offer during both ferry expeditions for Eskihisar-Tavşanlı (Yalova) line and Ro-Ro transportation for Ambarlı-Bandırma line.

As we are focused on passenger satisfaction, we aim to improve infrastructure and service quality in its various forms on these lines which we operate with our young fleet and experienced team. We believe that all drivers and passengers on these routes have the right to travel by more comfortable ships making the trip in less time without waiting in line.

As a brand of Negmar A.Ş. we invite you to our ships to experience the difference in services that ISTANBULLİNES offers.