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%10 discount to fastPay and HGS users from Istanbullines

Istanbullines that lead the way on seaway transportation put into practise Mobile Payment System which is fastPay at Eskihisar-Tavsanli line for the first time with Denizbank’s collaboration. Istanbullines provide %10 discount on both fastPay and HGS transition.

The innovative brand of seaway transportation Istanbullines continues to gain many new things with the campaigns on the sea and travel culture at the Eskihisar-Tavsanli line. Istanbullines provide out of turn, comfortable, safe, economic and fast transition services with the alternative payment system to their passengers who use the Eskihisar-Yalova line. Istanbullines which carried almost 2.5 million vehicles and over 10 million passengers until today put into practise mobile payment system “fastPay” with the Denizbank’s collaboration after Istanbullines had started HGS system.

Istanbullines presented first mobile payment system as well as cash, credit card and HGS payment advantages to their passengers. The customers of Istanbullines who use fastPay provided by Denizbank’s collaboration and use HGS provided by PTT’s collaboration can pass with 10% discount. When the customers use fastPay, they do not have to use any credit card. The passenger can download the application of fastPay.

Discount on fastPay and HGS from Istanbullines for the first time

The brand of seaway transportation Istanbullines provides 10% discount to passengers who use mobile payment system ‘fastPay’ and HGS. The campaign started on 10 August. It is available to reach the details of the campaign from the web sites which are and

P.S: The discount of fastPay and HGS cannot combine with the other campaigns.